Not Dead Yet Liner Notes:

The Operators: The Look (Undead Mix)
Off the The Light and the Dark. Recorded at Q Division Valentine's Day 2004, with subsequent overdubs at Low Self Noise. Bass: J. Godfrey; Drums: S. Melikian; Rhythm and Feedback: P. Coleman; "Duck Playing Kazoo": E. Arkin; Vox: Godfrey & Coleman, backed by Melarkian.

Plunge Into Death : Tic Toc (Fake British Accent Mix)
Remix of a song that appears on a split 7" with The Faux (Mister Records). Live elements recorded at Low Self Noise. Plunge Into Death: Mark E. Moon, Area D. Also: Mac Swell, DJ Distortia, Nona La Guerre.

Sinkcharmer : American Chestnut
From the forthcoming There Were Trees in That Forest Arbor Day compilation from Asaurus Records. Recorded at Low Self Noise. Sinkchamer is Paul and sometimes others.

Jef Czekaj: Red to Gray
Recorded at La Machine on April 6, 2004.

Asian Babe Alert : Sammy Sosa (I'm in Love with Baseball Now)
A rock'n'roll gift to baseball's bad-ass ambassador of long-ball love, the Count of Cork: Samuel Peralta Sosa (1968- ). A*B*A is Leslie Case (vocals, drums) and Tom Scanlon (guitar) -- a dynamic duo whose combined body weight barely eclipses that of big Sammy himself.

The Anchormen: Trapped in the Basement (Basement Mix)
Recorded at our practice space on May 1, 2004 after not rehearsing together for 4 months. The Anchormen are Chris Braiotta, Jef Czekaj, Heath Row, Tom Scanlon.

Mark E. Moon: Give Me Damaged Goods

Sinkcharmer: Seven Minute Song
Too fucking long so we made it a secret track.

Not Dead Yet
artwork by jef czekaj
all songs © 2004, respective songwriters